For smaller or once off events, the short term rental of a Boca printer or preprinted Boca tickets makes more sense than to purchase a printer.

Printer Rentals

Printer rentals is based on the purchase of your ticket stock from us and rental rates are based on your ticket usages, plus shipping (if required). Due to the risk of damage to the printer head, when using inferior ticket stock, we do not allow the use of third party ticket stock with our rental printers.

Please insure that your ticketing agent or your ticketing program is correctly setup for use with Boca printers before renting.

Where you require a ticketing agent or ticketing setup, we can assist you in this regard.


Preprinted Tickets/Wristbands

As an alternative to above, we can preprint your event tickets or wristbands

on Boca ticket stock.

This option is available for both general access and reserved seating events.

Please contact us should you require additional information.

Sample of a preprinted credit card size ticket:

Printer Rentals and Preprinted Tickets

Event Ticketing Solutions (Pty) Ltd